Procurement Consultants Providing Sourcing Strategy Support

Our experience has shown that successful procurement will flow from a profound knowledge of core business needs, an ability to translate these requirements into contract documentation, a robust and fair tender process and a good knowledge of the contracting market.

Our process is fully auditable to ensure that the most appropriate supplier is selected and typically would include the following:

  • Work with you to identify the best sourcing strategy based on your requirements and a profound knowledge of the FM market
  • Market analysis and Prequalification of contractors
  • Bespoke contract documentation reflecting the business objectives of the organisation.
  • Develop pricing schedule and tender return
  • Respond to questions during the Tender Period
  • Tender evaluation, contractor interviews and recommendations

Following selection of suppliers we often support clients to:

  • Work with the chosen supplier during mobilisation to implement contractual commitments and achieve required performance 
  • Audit contractor performance

We work effectively with internal teams such as procurement, HR, estates and facilities and are equally content to be the project manager or fulfil an expert role within a team.

In our dealings with suppliers, we seek to operate to the highest professional standards and encourage our clients to pursue mutually beneficial long term relationships.

Some organisations we have helped to support include:

SiemensFinancial TimesUniversity of Sheffield


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