Organisation Development Programmes and Executive Coaching

Every organisation should be appropriately designed such that its management, human resources and supply chain are aligned with and deliver its organisational objectives.  You need competent and motivated people at all levels (including in supplier organisations) to deliver on your objectives.  Coretex work with clients to develop an understanding of the current and future challenges, helping shape options for consideration and support the change process towards the organisational Vision.  Coretex has also delivered training programmes - both bespoke (in specialist and general areas) and accredited (the FMP programmes from IFMA).

  • Coretex has been delivering educational programmes across EMEA since 2006. 
  • We have reviewed and designed organisations from single location to Institution to Global

We support Leaders and their organisations through personalised Executive coaching and mentoring based on the approaches of David Clutterbuck and David Megginson.

  • We mentor and coach managers from middle to executive as part of our organisation development programmes.
  • We have mentored and coached managers from the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Finland, Italy and the UAE.

Some organisations we have helped to support include:

Kings College LondonEmaarCamelot

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